Hey, you know that thing that happens to lesbians in high school? How we strike up a really intense best-friendship with a straight girl who’s really into it. And we convince ourselves that friends is good, right? Until she gets a boyfriend. We hate that poor asshole with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns, a “he’s not worthy of you,” whatever, when he’s probably a decent-enough person, I mean, as guys go. Because what’s really happening is that we’re in love with our friend.
Yeah, it turns out that by hating her boyfriend, you’re just gonna drive her away. I mean, you gotta suck it up and make him like you. Take up poker. Watch the godfather 10 times or whatever. Anyway, it’s your life. I mean, spend it how you want, all right?
Nicky Nichols - I feel like her dialogue in this scene is underrated. (via youcouldbemy-sanity)