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  • lalondes:


    stealing is a crime AND drugs is a crime too BUT if you steal drugs the two crimes cancel out and it is like basically doing a good. trust me i am a lawyerman


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  • carry-on-wayward-fallen-angel:



    wouldn’t it be just the biggest plot twist in the world if the doctor regenerated into 12 and turned out looking like the master

    there was never another timelord that survived the war, it’s always been just him and that drove him insane.



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  • diacrit:


I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results
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  • one-eyedeer:

I have a pug named Daisy and I like to dress her up as a flower. We pretend she’s the Godzilla of the garden as she eats all of the other flowers
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  • vvhitehouse:



    advantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

    • instant cute outfit with minimal effort
    • it enhances the coziness when u drink hot beverages
    • sweater paws are guaranteed to make u feel 43% more adorable
    • u can unbutton ur jeans and no one will know

    disadvantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

    Guys think they’re totally not cute lol

    the day i dress for a man is the day they dress me in my coffin to see jesus

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  • theawkwardterrier:

The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.
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  • debilitati0n:



    You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


    The elderly are either adorable or the wrinkly reincarnation of Satan there is no in between

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